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Donor Information

A donation to JFLT is the perfect gift that keeps on giving

A donation to JFLT can provide assistance both immediately, and far into the future. How? Every dollar that is donated to JFLT is loaned out, repaid, and then loaned out again, effectively renewing your contribution in perpetuity. A donation your grandparents might have given decades ago will still be providing direct assistance today, helping individuals and families navigate challenging times, invest in their futures, and achieve lasting stability.

For Example:



JFLT’s interest-free loans have a transformative impact on peoples’ lives. Think about the couple with two children and a newborn who get a loan that pays down their arrears and halts their eviction. Think about the new immigrant who gets a loan to pursue an employment training program. Think about the student who would not have graduated without a loan that covered their final year tuition. Think about the couple who used their loan to bring a new Jewish life into this world. These are not idle examples. These are actual loans we have given. It is safe to say that very few charities have such a direct and immediate impact on peoples’ lives, and fewer still can continue providing this kind of assistance in perpetuity. 

Ways to Give: 

  • Cheque
  • Online via Credit Card
  • Tribute Card
  • Named Funds
  • Securities
  • Life Insurance
  • Legacies

For all inquires related to donations, please contact Marra Messinger, Executive Director, at 416-635-1217 ext. 5269



JFLT extends its heartfelt thanks to the Azrieli Foundation for its support. This support is the mainstay of the organization, as it can be used for operations as well as loan allocation. We are forever grateful to the Azrieli Foundation for coming to our aid in our time of need.



Dr. Ben Barankin is an exceptionally perceptive donor who not only established a fund for people born in the former USSR, but also gave JFLT $75,000 for operations. We are extremely grateful to the Barankin Family for its generosity. We are also thankful to Ben’s mother- Dr. Tatyana Barankin who took time out of her busy schedule to serve on our Board of Directors.



The Tylman Family established The Emmet Foundation Fund for Health Care and Critical Needs to help the most vulnerable in our Community. Loans from this Fund go to people who are sick, people who need urgent dental care, people who live on or below the poverty line and people who face some kind of personal emergency. Thanks to the Tylman Family’s generosity, a great need in the Community is being filled and individuals who otherwise would not have access to resources are receiving the care they need.



As part of their visionary gift to the United Jewish Appeal’s social service sector, Harry and Malka Rosenbaum allocated $200,000 to JFLT to establish an employment readiness fund. We immediately felt a true need had been identified and met. We were right! The Fund has already supported a variety of loans – in particular, loans to people who are pursuing careers, upgrading work skills and purchasing equipment for businesses. This fund embodies the very essence of JFLT’s mandate. We are thankful to Harry and Malka for understanding this and for empowering people to help themselves.



Helen Zukerman identified an essential need when she established the Kora Fund for First and Last month’s rent. Thanks to Helen’s foresight new immigrants, abused women and many other people in dire need of rent deposits are able to access the funds they need to begin a new life.



Jewish Free Loan Toronto extends its heartfelt thanks to UJA Federation of Greater Toronto for annually supporting the needs of our Agency.


Jewish Free Loan Toronto extends its heartfelt thanks to the following generous donors who have created Named Funds:

Paul BloomThe Abraham (Algy) and Doris Bloom Memorial FundGeneral
AnonymousThe Alex and Esther Kideckel Memorial Fund General
AnonymousThe Aminadav FundGeneral
AnonymousThe Anita Regal Memorial FundGeneral
Jeff and Tali BaumThe Baum Family FundGeneral
Beth Avraham Yosef of Toronto The Beth Avraham Yosef of Toronto FundGeneral
Michelle Glied Goldstein and Alan GoldsteinThe Bill Glied Memorial FundGeneral
Danny and Lila Soberano The Danny and Lila Soberano FundGeneral
David and Helena FineThe David and Helena Fine and Family FundGeneral
The Nieces and Nephews of Ernest Luwish z”lThe Ernest Luwish Memorial FundGeneral
Warren and Debbie KimelThe Fabricland FundGeneral
AnonymousThe Faipari Fund for General NeedsGeneral
Florence MinzThe Florence Minz FundGeneral
The Chapman FamilyThe Harold M. Chapman Memorial FundGeneral
The Estate of Lucille BahmannThe Dr. Henry and Lucille Bahmann Memorial FundGeneral
Faye GitterThe Howard Gitter Memorial FundGeneral
Howard and Andrea KumerThe Howard and Andrea Kumer FundGeneral
Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky GluskinThe Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky Gluskin FundGeneral
Eric, Austin and Nani BeutelThe Irwin Beutel Memorial FundGeneral
Jacob and Vivian Anhang The Jacob and Vivian Anhang FundGeneral
The Jewish Teen Board of TorontoThe Jewish Teen Board FundGeneral
Joe DwekThe Joe Dwek FundGeneral
The Joseph Lebovic and Dr. Wolf Lebovic Charitable FoundationThe Joseph Lebovic and Dr. Wolf Lebovic Charitable Foundation FundGeneral
David KoschitzkyThe Koschitzky Family FundGeneral
Rochelle Reichert and Henry WolfondThe Lake Baikal FundGeneral
Lori and Jeff RosenthalThe Lori and Jeff Rosenthal Family Fund General
Magen David Sephardic CongregationThe Magen David Sephardic Congregation FundGeneral
Ira and Shirley MarderThe Marder Family FundGeneral
Moti JungreisThe Minatan FundGeneral
Mitchell BrownThe Mitchell and Susan Brown and Family FundGeneral
Shoel SilverThe Nathan and Lily Silver Foundation FundGeneral
David and Leanne Matlow The Neil Rybak Memorial FundGeneral
AnonymousThe Nira FundGeneral
Petah Tikva Anshe Castilla CongregationThe Petah Tikva Anshe Castilla FundGeneral
Ron and Sharon BaruchThe Ron and Sharon Baruch FundGeneral
Richard and Gail CooperThe Richard and Gail Cooper FundGeneral
Sam and Micki MizrahiThe Sam, Micki, Eden and Ethan Mizrahi FundGeneral
Allan and Hinda SilberThe Silber Family FundGeneral
Sydney Cooper z"lThe Sydney and Florence Cooper and Family FundGeneral
AnonymousThe Tikva FundGeneral
Vicki LoftusThe Vicki Loftus Memorial FundGeneral
The Wynn Family Charitable FoundationThe Wynn Family Charitable Foundation FundGeneral
Zahava LambertThe Z. Lambert Family FundGeneral
Brian BloomThe Abraham (Algy) and Doris Bloom Memorial Fund for Education LoansEducation
Josh Devon, Michael Devon and Janet DurbinThe Annette and Alex Devon FundEducation
Aron AbecassisThe Aron Abecassis FundEducation
Leonard Borer, Terry Borer and FamiliesThe Borer Family Education FundEducation
Jo-Ann MindenThe Education Opportunity FundEducation
Ed Glina and Debbie TesslerThe Glina-Tessler Fund for Study in IsraelEducation
Karen GoldenbergThe Goldberg FundEducation
Ruth Klein and Richard Long The Ruth Klein and Richard Long Education FundEducation
David Green and Daphne WagnerThe Wagner-Green FundEducation
Tom and Zipora ZwiebelThe Zwiebel Family Fund for Education LoansEducation
Ben BarankinThe Barankin Family Fund in Memory of Froim BarankinLoans for Persons Born in the Former USSR
The Tylman FamilyThe Emmet Foundation Fund for Healthcare and Critical NeedsLoans for Health Care and Critical Needs
Rachel Tokayer and Ben BarthThe Etti Satz-Tokayer Fund for Single ParentsLoans for Single Parents
The First Narayever Social Action CommitteeThe First Narayever Personal Emergency FundLoans for Personal Emergencies
Steven Friedman and Cathie Smith-FriedmanThe Friedman Smith Fund for 60+Loans for Persons over 60 Years of Age
Goldie FeldmanThe Goldie Feldman-JIAS Fund for New ImmigrantsLoans for New Immigrants
Erez and Eyal HacohenThe Hacohen Fund for Fertility and Education LoansFertility and Education Loans
Harry and Malka RosenbaumThe Harry and Malka Rosenbaum Employment Readiness FundLoans to Enable Gainful Employment
The Hunt Family FoundationThe Hunt Family Foundation Fund for 60+Loans for Persons over 60 Years of Age
Helen ZukermanThe Kora FundLoans for First and Last Month's Rent and Basic Furnishings
Ken Tanenbaum, Julie Albert and Lisa GnatThe Larry and Judy Tanenbaum FundLoans for Medical Needs of Seniors and Special Needs Children
Jules LewyThe Lewy Family Fund for Education Loans and Small Personal LoansEducation Loans and Small Personal Loans
Earl (Mann) ZimmermanThe Max J. Zimmerman Memorial FundFertility and Adoption Loans
AnonymousThe Phoenix Fund for Rental AssistanceLoans for Rental Assistance
AnonymousThe Robinson Fund for Dental CareLoans for Dental Treatments
Sari and David BinderThe Sari and David Binder Family Fund for Dental Needs and Abused PersonsLoans for Dental Needs and Abused Persons
The Fudem and Glowinsky FamiliesThe Social and Emotional Wellness FundPhysical, Social-Emotional, and Mental Health Support
Zahava LambertThe Z. Lambert Fund for Single MothersLoans for Single Mothers
Tom and Zipora ZwiebelThe Zwiebel Family Fund for Critical NeedsLoans for Critical Needs