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Jewish Free Loan Toronto

Interest-Free Loans for Jewish Residents of
Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Atlantic Canada.

Jewish Free Loan Toronto stands in solidarity with the State of Israel in its fight against terrorism. We pray the hostages will come home unharmed, the soldiers will be safe, and peace will eventually prevail.

Jewish Free Loan Toronto (JFLT) is a historic social service agency that provides direct financial assistance to community members in need. Since 1924, our interest-free loans have helped countless individuals and families navigate challenging times, invest in their futures, and achieve lasting stability.

Lending With Confidence, Care, and Purpose

JFLT is always working to ensure that community funds get to those who need them most. Our time-tested model of direct financial assistance is one that draws upon the strengths of all those involved in the lending process, including our expert staff, dedicated volunteers, selfless donors, and the borrowers themselves. By empowering those in need, JFLT is able to empower the community as a whole.