A donation to JFLT is a gift that never stops giving. All money that is donated is loaned out, repaid and then loaned out again. So, for example:

Donation Recycled for 5 years Recycled for 20 years
$1,800 $4,050 $10,800
$18,000 $40,500 $108,000
$180,000 $405,000 $1,080,000

With your support, JFLT helps to provide financial stability to the most vulnerable in Ontario’s Jewish community and brings all of us closer to our obligation of תיקון עולם – Tikun Olam – Repairing the World and the fulfillment of גמילות חסידים – G’milath Chasodim – Acts of Loving Kindness. With a donation to JFLT you are helping the neediest among us now and for years to come.

There are several ways you can help Jewish Free Loan Toronto.

Become a Member

JFLT’s Annual Membership Campaign provides vital income for the agency enabling us to continue providing interest-free loans on a daily basis to people facing urgent financial challenges.

Request a Tribute Card

Your tribute donation to JFLT will mark important life-cycle events including birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries or memorials. We will mail tribute cards to the recipients.

Make a General Donation

Your donation supports the work of Jewish Free Loan Toronto. Your donation to our capital fund allows us to provide interest-free loans to students, those wishing to start their own businesses or members of our community struggling to cover unexpected costs or trying to regain some financial stability for themselves and their families.

How to donate:

  • Phone: Call (416) 635-1217
  • Mail: Download our form click here
  • Online: Donate through Canada Helps – click here or on the logo at the top right or below

Donate Now

Create a Named Fund which will bear your name in perpetuity or commemorate the name of a loved one. Donors can designate the type of loans they want allotted or the kind of borrowers they want to help. For more information on this wonderful opportunity call Marra Messinger at 416 635 1215 ext. 5269

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