COVID 19 Loan/

Up to $8,000 - Completely interest-free

To help our community deal with the financial fallout of the pandemic, Jewish Free Loan Toronto has created a new, emergency COVID 19 Loan.


If you need help paying for childcare, making up lost wages or compensating for any COVID related loss, we are here to help.

  • Phone interviews
  • Direct deposits into your accounts
  • Quick turn around
  • Our COVID-19 loans are intended to supplement existing financial assistance programs from the government. Applicants who qualify for government assistance must show proof that they have applied for this assistance. Click here for a listing of assistance programs and qualifications.


A donation to JFLT is a gift that helps people now and in the future. Why? As every dollar that is donated to JFLT is loaned out, repaid and then loaned out again, all donations are recycled in perpetuity.

Current clients are welcome to apply for COVID Loans

Please note: The submission of your loan application does not create any legal obligation on JFLT to provide the requested loan. Our approval shall be subject to terms and conditions satisfactory to JFLT.