Types of Loans

1.Personal Loans

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Loan Amounts: up to $8,000

Available to: members of the Jewish community of Ontario (excluding Ottawa)

These loans can be used to assist with expenses such as:

  • Living expenses
  • Bills
  • Rent arrears
  • Medical & dental emergencies
  • Simchas – Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, weddings
  • Burial, monument
  • Compassionate travel
  • Debt Consolidation


  • For Loans under $1,000 – no guarantors are required
  • Loans of $3,000 require 1 guarantor
  • Loans of above $3,000 require 2 guarantors

Repayment of the Loan

  • Loan repayments are $125-$175 per month, depending on the size of the loan

2. Educational Loans

Loan Amounts:

  • up to $10,000 for undergraduate programs, college, trade school or gap-year programs
  • Up to $12,000 for graduate programs

Available to: members of the Jewish community of Ontario (excluding Ottawa)

An educational loan is intended to assist with expenses including: 

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Rent
  • Research
  • & other costs related to education

Your educational institution can be anywhere in the world!

  • Since JFLT educational loans are intended to supplement existing financial assistance programs, if your school is OSAP eligible, you must bring proof of application. If your school is not OSAP eligible then no proof is required.
  • You must also supply us with proof of enrollment.

Repayment of the Loan

  • $75 per month while in school
  • $100 per month if studying part-time
  • $175 per month when finished school


3. Fertility and Adoption Loans

Fertility and adoption loans up to $10,000 are available to members of the Jewish community to help with the high costs associated with fertility treatments and/or adopting a child.

4. Economic Opportunity Start-Up Business Loans

Economic Opportunity Start-Up Business Loans are available to members of the Jewish community. These loans have a small administrative fee. Loan applicants must present a business plan leading to financial independence or to alleviate poverty. Applicants must demonstrate some difficulty in acquiring normal bank loans or demonstrate in other ways the need for community funds. See this page for more details.

JFLT gives loans for a multitude of purposes, but our focus is singular. We have a communal responsibility to the completion of Tikun Olam by assisting people to become independent and self-sufficient.

Contact us at info@jewishfreeloan.ca or call (416) 635-1217 with your specific loan questions.

Please note: The submission of your loan application does not create any legal obligation on JFLT to provide the requested loan. Our approval shall be subject to terms and conditions satisfactory to JFLT.

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