When I am Successful, It Will be Because of You

Eliza’s goal was to open a small, computer-based business to provide some much-needed financial stability for her family. With three toddlers and a physical disability that limits her mobility, Eliza decided her dream would best be realized from her own home.

“I didn’t know what to do next, so I asked my social worker at Jewish Family and Child Service,” said Eliza. “She told me about Toronto Jewish Free Loan Cassa’s [now Jewish Free Loan Toronto] loan programs for new start-up businesses. I came right down the elevator (of the Lipa Green Building for Jewish Community Services) to TJFLC and asked a million questions. It was hard because I had all three kids with me but we managed!”

After completing a business loan application, Eliza and the children jumped back on the TTC. “I wanted to stand in my apartment and think about my options. I knew that a home office would mean dealing 24/7 with the distractions of babies underfoot,” said Eliza, “but when my husband and I really thought about the whole picture, the pluses outweighed the minuses. We decided to go ahead and try to make our dreams come true.”

Eliza’s husband returned all the necessary documentation, including the application, signed guarantor forms, promissory note and a business plan, to the TJFLC offices. He was told that Eliza’s interview would take place the following Tuesday evening.

“Some people may have thought we were crazy,” said Eliza, “but the two TJFLC interviewers seemed to understand what my husband and I wanted to accomplish. Their comments were positive and encouraging, and I was thrilled when I found out that the Loan Committee approved my application.”

“I used the $10,000 from TJFLC to buy good quality, second-hand equipment for my business. I am really careful with my expenses,” said Eliza. “I’m proud of myself each month when I make my loan payment. I want TJFLC and our whole Jewish community to know how grateful I am for your confidence in me. When I am successful, it will be because of you.”

Eliza’s story is a composite based on actual experiences of JFLT clients.

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