Step by step to success

During his three years in Israel’s Elite Academy / NAALE Program for High School Students, Russian-born Georgy Fradkin learned much more than just another language. And once he emigrated to Toronto in August 2002, he put those essential life skills and study habits to good use. After settling with his family in a rental apartment, Georgy immediately began working at a series of part-time jobs to contribute to his family’s income. Realizing that education was his key to a successful future, he also attended ESL classes to improve his language skills. Georgy wanted more from life, and he was determined to better himself and his family.

In January 2004, Georgy was accepted into Seneca College’s three-year Accounting and Finance diploma course, but even with financial assistance through OSAP (the Ontario Student Assistance Program), he could not afford his tuition and books.

After hearing about Jewish Free Loan Toronto from his social worker at JIAS (Jewish Immigrant Aid Services) Toronto, Georgy approached JFLT for an interest-free loan. After completing all of the necessary documentation and providing JFLT with his OSAP information, Georgy was granted a student loan of $1,800. “This money was extremely helpful,” said Fradkin. “Back then, my parents and I had a zero balance in the bank. Eighteen hundred dollars was exactly what we needed for my first semester.” With JFLT’s financial assistance, Georgy was able to concentrate on his studies. “Accounting and finance was completely new to me – new language and new material. The $1,800 loan from JFLT meant that I did not need a part-time job during my first semester. I could study and work hard to get good marks.”

At the end of his first semester, Fradkin’s efforts paid off. “I was able to apply for scholarships once I got my first semester results,” said Georgy. “I liked my courses and I was doing well so I just kept studying full-time, right through the summers! In April of 2006 I completed the program and I graduated with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 out of 4.”

Georgy accepted a full-time accounting position with SolidCAD immediately after graduation. Three years after Georgy’s JFLT loan was granted, he is proud to say that his loan is fully repaid, he is happily married to his sweetheart Alisa and his dreams for their future together are coming true. “I could never have managed all this without my loan from Jewish Free Loan Toronto” said Fradkin. “That money made all the difference to me and to my family.”

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