Remember Me?

I’m a client from before. Do you remember me?

Everyone likes a feel-good story where Jewish Free Loan Toronto grants a loan to a qualified applicant and that money changes their life. Our volunteers and staff are happy to be here for those applicants. But not all clients’ problems can be ‘fixed’ with one interest-free loan. Many of our applicants are proud ‘repeat customers’ who rely on JFLT for a revolving source of credit. We must be here for them as well.

These returning applicants are often single, divorced or widowed women, living on pensions, disability allowances and minimal salaries. They are trying to cope with medical and emotional problems and family issues. Their Personal Loan requests generally reflect a need for help with moving expenses to more affordable housing or dental care for the replacement of dentures.

Applicants may want to purchase a monument for a parent, spouse or child: they may need to replace their bed or their furniture. For an applicant in this situation, the purchase of a television may be the only way to bring an outside influence into a life of depression and isolation.

Jewish Free Loan Toronto provides loans to people in these situations. Dvora Even* is one such client. Dvora has received five JFLT interest-free Personal Loans over the past fifteen years, and is in the process of applying once more. After repaying each loan with a 36 month repayment schedule, Dvora has a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Although her financial situation has not improved from year to year, JFLT loans provide Dvora with the ability to maintain her dignity. She is proud she has never received a handout.

A JFLT loan allows Dvora to say, “I am your customer from before. Do you remember me? Look it up! You’ll see I always pay back!”

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, JFLT will continue to give clients like Dvora optimism, hope and dignity through our Personal Loan program.

*Name changed at request of interviewee.

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