Loan Application and Guarantor Forms

Jewish Free Loan Toronto
Guarantor & Application Forms: Personal, Educational & Business

These forms can be completed on your computer and can be saved.
You can email these or print them. You, and all your guarantors, must still sign the original forms as before.

Writable Personal Loan Application Package
Personal Loans of $1,000 or Less
Writable Educational Loan Application Package
Writable Fertility & Adoption Loan Application Package (Please note fertility & adoption loans uses the personal loan forms)

For business loans, please visit this page.

To help streamline the application process, you may download and bring the completed forms to our offices. Applications may also require supplementary documentation including invoices, estimates, bills, etc. Please be sure to discuss this requirement with JFLT staff before delivering your forms.

If you would like help completing these forms, either by phone or in person, please call the office at (416) 635-1217. JFLT does not charge for any of our services and our loans are always interest-free. The only exception is a 4% charge (maximum $400) on approved business loans.

Each package contains a full set of JFLT loan forms.  These forms must be completed and submitted to our office for review before a loan interview can be arranged.

  • The main form (either personal, educational or business)
  • A promissory note to be signed by you and your guarantors
  • An income and expense form
  • The correct number of guarantor forms. Personal and educational loans of $2,500 or less require 1 guarantor. All other personal, educational and fertility & adoption loans require 2 guarantors. Personal loans of $1,000 or less do not require any guarantors. Guarantor forms can be mailed, placed in a sealed envelope or sent separately to our office for additional guarantor privacy. You may apply first and find guarantors afterwards if you wish, although this may delay the receipt of your funds.

For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Promissory, income/expense and guarantor forms can be individually downloaded here:

Guarantor form

Income and expense form

Promissory form

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