International Association of Jewish Free Loans Conference


International Association of Jewish Free Loans – 32nd Annual Conference

October 26-28, 2014  Toronto, Ontario

Welcome to the 2014 IAJFL conference page! This page contains all the presentations that were given plus other information shared during the sessions. All of this material is stored in Google docs and is accessible only to people who attended the conference. If you think you should have access, but don’t, please email Terry or Marra. To see all the conference files, please go here.


The pictures from the main conference are here
The magnet pictures from the Monday BBQ are available here

Session 1: City Reports

* Presenter: Cindy Rogoway, Executive Director, Hebrew Free Loan San Francisco, Vice President, IAJFL
* The city reports Excel document is here

Session 2: Branding for Success

* Presenter: Howard Lichtman, President, The Lightning Group
* Slides are here

Session 3: Shesh Degrees of Separation: Using the Power of Social Networks for Fundraising and Outreach

* Presenter: Jordan Gill, Development Director, Hebrew Free Loan San Francisco

Session 4: Risky Business: Risk Management 101

* Presenter: Beverly Margolian, former Executive VP and Chief Strategy Officer, Manulife
* Slides are here
* Slides that can be used for your own risk management plan are here
* The blank risk survey used by JFLT is here and the instructions are here

Session 5: Meetings of Large Agencies and Small Agencies

* Large Agencies Facilitator: Rochard Broder, Pas President, HFLA of Metropolitan Detroit and IAJFL
* Small Agencies Facilitator: Tamar Granor, Co-President, Hebrew Free Loan Society of Greater Philadelphia and Steve Schraer, HFLA of South Florida

Session 6: Think Tank: New Traditions of Helping

Sub-session 1: Parental Leave Loans

* Presenter: David Aschaiek, Jewish Free Loan Toronto

Sub-session 2: Beyond Loans: Practices in Financial Empowerment

* Presenter: Emma Guttman-Slater, Hebrew Free Loan San Francisco

Sub-session 3: Small Business is a Big Deal

* Presenter: Ellen Sacks, Jewish Free Loan Phoenix

Sub-session 4: Using Sehkel as a Resource: Mentorship for Business Loan Borrowers

* Presenter: David Contorer, Hebrew Free Loan of Metropolitan Detroit

Sub-session 5: HFLS Basic Business Training Courses

* Presenter: Shana Novick, Hebrew Free Loan Society, New York

Sub-session 6: K’zat Meshuga: Brainstorming Crazy Ideas

* Presenter: Terry Borer, Jewish Free Loan Toronto
* Notes from the discussion

Session 7: Leveraging Social Media

* Presenter: Aron Katz, Circle of Care
* Slide are here

Session 8: What you dues can do for you

* Presenter: Andrew Weinberg, President, IAJFL

Session 9: IAJFL Business Meeting

* Presenter: Andrew Weinberg, President, IAJFL

Session 10: Guide for the Perplexed: Issues that Still Perplex Us

Introductions by Howard Glowinsky, former president of Jewish Free Loan Toronto

Thank you to Howard for his introductions and discussion on the source texts of Free Loans. In particular he referenced quotes from Mishneh Torah and Torat Kohanim, Behar 5:1 that resonated with many in the audience. The quote is here:

Before the person has fallen into poverty, his financial position is still viable. Hopefully, with a little bit of assistance, he can rectify his situation and return to prosperity. In that vein, the Sifra (Behar, sec v) compares it to a person supporting a colleague who is stumbling. Before he falls, one person can hold him up. Once he falls, even five people cannot raise him. Moreover, if a person is given gifts in this way, his self-esteem is not impaired and he does not develop a negative self-image.

Subsession 1: An Attempt to Define Need

* Presenter: Harold Klesmer, Jewish Free Loan Toronto
* Slides are here
* Income and expense form is here
* Loan scales: Personal Educational Business
* Questions for applicants here (all loan types)

Subsession 2: Educational Loans to Middle Class Students

* Presenter: Melissa Kerbel, Jewish Educational Loan Fund (JELF), Atlanta
* Slides are here

Free Loan YouTube videos:

* The San Fransisco animated short “Lending a hand
* New York Free Loan Channel (two videos)
* NY Promo video
* San Fransisco Channel (many videos)
* Hebrew Free Loan Detroit (one video, “Jump Start” project)
* Pittsburgh (three videos)
* Austin (two videos)
* Los Angeles
* South Florida (seven videos)
* Atlanta (one video)
* Israel (one video)


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